Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #3 Review

What do SERVEYOUinc want with the Doctor this time? Read on to find out.

The official description from Titan:

There’s a devil out on the bayou, or so they say… Something stalking bluesmen through the swamps of Mississippi, offering them talent beyond imagining, worlds at their feet – in exchange for their souls!

When Alice asks the Doctor if they can visit one of her mother’s musical heroes, she’s initially disappointed. Is Jones, a forgettable singer whose talent seems to be that of disappearing in a crowded room, really the colossal talent who brought passion, creativity and meaning to her mother’s life?

And what does he have to do with the nightmarish deals taking place in the dead of night…?

DW_11D_03_Cover_B_RGB_Previews.jpg.size-600Since Titan took over the licence for Doctor Who I’ve been in awe. Though (soon to be) three different series, with three different incarnations of the Doctor may prove a little much for some peoples wallets, the chance to see these former Doctors is one that I totally relish. And at the end of the day, you don’t have to by all three (even though you will). Continuing in it’s one-shot fashion, Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor starts to show signs of an overarch, with the strange mind control company, SERVEYOUinc once again gunning for the Doctor.

Rob Williams handles the script for this issue, giving us a story that revolves around talent, and the gaining of talent. Having a very intriguing premise, with SERVEYOUinc once again proving to be one of the creepiest Who villains ever, the issue does prove a fun, and enjoyable read. It was however not the Doctor’s best outing, as it felt a little too jumbled and rushed, not suiting the one-shot style. Despite this there was some brilliant character building, with Alice starting to become a more likeable character with each passing issue.

Simon Fraser once again handles the artwork on this series, with his style suiting the quirky nature of the Eleventh Doctor. Though I may still have my own quibbles regarding the extra long face of the Eleventh Doctor, this in no way overshadows the quality of Fraser’s work. Despite once again being quite a bit rougher than the opening issue, Fraser still manages to give an exciting layout to this tale, with the scenery being amazing. Colourist Gary Caldwell also continues to give a wonderful finish, with his mixture of dark and light tones highlighting the premise of this tale perfectly.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor continues to be a fun read, and a must have for Whovians. As despite it not being the Doctor’s best outing, failing to maintain the criteria for an awesome one-shot, the presence of SERVEYOUinc certainly proves intriguing. Recommended.

  • + SERVEYOUin may be the strangest foes yet.
  • + Simon Fraser creates quirky art that suits this Doctor perfectly.
  • + Rob Williams sets a great premise for this tale.
  • - Felt too jumbled, and too rushed.

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