Death Vigil #5 Review

What does the Necromancers have planned next? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

The enemy stands revealed. An ancient order of immortal necromancers known as the Pale Court has resurfaced, and Bernie is plagued by unclear memories and great sorrow as more vigil members fall. One last veilripper remains to be claimed before…

DV005_Preview03Since being introduced, Allistor has remained a somewhat enigmatic character, as though we’ve always known he’s a Necromancer, his connection to the Death Vigils has been been a mystery. That changes here, as we get a thoroughly gripping look into how Allistor became a Necromancer, and why there’s so much tension between him and Bernardette.

Having yet to disappoint, Stjepan Šejić yet again delivers an amazing script, building upon this amazing concept in a truly engaging manner. From enticing backstory, to exciting action, Šejić manages to make this latest chapter a thoroughly entertaining read. He also manages to build a massive amount of tension throughout, with the imminent battle between the Vigil and Necromancers being extremely gripping. Despite all this it’s the dialogue that continues to impress the most, with the casual tone allowing for a fluid flow to events.

Šejić is easily amongst the best artists in the industry today (and possibly of all time), with his sleek painted art being truly captivating. This is no different here, with the amazing layouts, and intense character expressions allowing for a thoroughly gripping tone. He also gives yet more wonderful creature designs, with the look of this world never failing to amaze. Bringing everything together, Šejić also gives amazing colours, with the saturation of purple and red giving a strong overtone to these two factions.

Death Vigil is easily amongst the best that 2014 has to offer, with the series only getting better and better. It also continues to build a fabulous world of fantasy, with the humorous tones, and serious developments allowing for a compelling tale. Highly recommended.

  • + Fabulous look into Allistor's past.
  • + Sets up future events brilliantly.
  • + Stjepan Šejić delivers a wonderful script and awesome art.
  • - The backstory caused a slightly awkward transition.

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