Death Vigil #4 Review

Can Death Vigil maintain it’s awesomeness? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Bernie was right. Clara would find friends, she would find a family with the Death Vigil, but she would gain enemies as well. Powerful enemies that have waited long enough. The Codex of the Dreamers is all but translated and the Pale Court needs one last ingredient to put their plans in motion – Veilrippers from slain vigil members.

DV004_preview05“Quoth the Raven… Bring it on!” This has to be my favourite cover of the series so far, as though the previous three have been more awe inspiring, with the upcoming sixth issue sporting a more symbolic look, it’s the simplicity mixed with humour that really appeals to me. As for the story, Death Vigil continues to be the must read of 2014, and though there’s still a couple of high profile series to be released before the end of the year, I doubt this will change.

Stjepan Šejić has proven time and time again that he is more than just a talented artist, as his compelling scripts continue to enthrall. Giving us a deeper look into the Necromancer’s operations, as well as Allistor’s reasons for reaching out to the Death Vigils, Šejić manages to take this story to new heights, with the subtle yet effective addition of humour once again being a nice bonus. Despite all this I did find the later section of the issue to move a little too quickly, as though it was nice to see Clara’s progression, the suddenness took away from the atmosphere.

Šejić may be proving his worth as a writer, but one thing that he never has to prove is his ability as an artist. Being as majestic as ever, the detail of his painted art is as beautiful as ever, being truly eye catching. It is however the way that Šejić captures emotion that impresses me the most, and especially when the emotion is sarcasm, allowing for that extra touch of joy. There was however a particular part of Šejić’s art that grabbed my attention, and that was the Veilripper of Necromancer Wulf, showing that these guys mean business.

Death Vigil continues to be the must have of 2014, with Stjepan Šejić’s storytelling being as enthralling as ever. Giving some wonderful developments, this issue will bring a smile to current fans, with the humour and overall tone surely making new readers hunt for the rest of the series. Highly recommended.

  • + Stjepan Šejić's storytelling is as mesmerizing as ever.
  • + The Necromancer's don't look as if they're messing around.
  • + Clara's becoming an extremely likeable character.
  • - Later section of this tale moves a little too quickly.

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