Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #3 Review

Will Cal come any closer to finding the Third Child? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Mayhem in the streets!

The world is rioting and everyone has turned to their darker sides. In all this mayhem, Cal seeks help from those long gone, but can he and the few outcasts still on his side save a world that has always shunned them?

Criminal Macabre The Third Child #3 previewCriminal Macabre: The Third Child has been a very eerie tale, taking the supernatural elements of the series, and stretching them further than they’ve been before. This issue however proves to be more in depth, with the conversation between Cal and his father, and the question surrounding the Third Child giving some thrilling moments.

The way that Steve Niles manages to keep the structure of a mini-series, whilst also creating an ongoing tale is simply amazing, allowing new fans an easy entry point, whilst at the time giving a much more intense tale for long time fans. It’s the strong character emotions that impresses most in this issue, as though there’s plenty of tension, it’s the depth that drives this chapter. There are however some predictable moments, with the discussion between Cal and his father making a certain factor a little too obvious.

Christopher Mitten never fails to amaze me, as when I think I’ve seen the best the artist has to offer, he creates something that tops even that. In an issue that lacks confrontation, there is a lot of tension in the air, with the dramatics being taken to the max. It does however remain the supernatural aspects that truly captivate, as though it’s diluted in quantity, it’s definitely not diluted in quality. The colours also continue to resonate, with Michelle Madsen‘s palette allowing for a sleek finish, with dark overtones.

Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #3 may not be the most eventful entry in the Criminal Macabre saga, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t entice. Giving deep character development, and intense overtones, the issue proves a brilliant set-up for the finale, coming highly recommended.

  • + Steve Niles gives a deep set of developments.
  • + Cal finds his purpose!
  • + Christopher Mitten delivers some eerie art.
  • - Certain developments make others predictable.

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