Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #2 Review

Will Cal manage to find any form of self acceptance? And what has Jason Hemlock got planned? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Monsters everywhere have gone insane, and Cal knows this is far from over. With the sorcerer Hemlock returned and seeking revenge, will Cal be able to battle both the monsters outside and the one within?

Criminal Macabre The Third Child #2 previewCreepy babies are usually a winner when it comes to horror, but never before have I seen anything quite like this. Following on from the fantastic cliffhanger at the end of the opening issue, Criminal Macabre: The Third Child takes some thrilling developments, with Jason Hemlock having a lot to do with the chaos that’s unfolding.

Steve Niles really moves things into a higher gear in this issue, not wasting any time in delving into the serious developments. Though the tension, and the excitement was what ultimately gripped me the most, I also loved the way that Niles showed how Cal is dealing with his recent changes, with there being an intriguing father to son moment. Despite this I can’t help but feel that seeing Cal in the thick of the action would be much better, with Mo’Lock and Frankenstein being more focused.

Christopher Mitten really knows how to do creepy well, with his gritty artwork as ever suiting Criminal Macabre perfectly. Producing a spooky vibe throughout, Mitten manages to give a very freaky vibe to these killer babies, also conveying the sinister attitude of Hemlock brilliantly. He also manages to give a very dramatic overtone when it comes to Cal’s developments, with the fluid layouts allowing for an invigorating flow. Michelle Madsen‘s colours also once again impress, with her dark, yet vivid palette being the perfect accompaniment to Mitten’s art.

Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #2 definitely takes things to new heights. Between Cal’s search for inner acceptance, and Hemlock’s twisted schemes this issue takes a very intense and emotional direction, with every moment being enthralling. Highly recommended.

  • + Jason Hemlock is back!
  • + Christopher Mitten does creepy like no one else.
  • + Steve Niles give mesmerizing developments.
  • - Would have loved to have seen Cal mixed in the action.

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