Clone #20 Review

Will Luke and the Clones get on the plane? Will Eric stop the bomb? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“The national clone crisis is over. The threat has been eliminated.”

Clone #20 previewIt was sadly reported recently that Clone would be ending with this issue. Which is a real shame, as it’s easily been one of the best series Image and Skybound has produced in the last couple of years. As sudden ending go however, Clone as ever does it in a grand way, proving to be a grippingly fitting ending, that will leave fans begging for more.

David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre have proven over the course of Clone that multi-writer series can work, with the trio creating an exciting premise that was thoroughly gripping. Concluding the clone crisis, our trio puts Eric into a tense countdown scenario, having him race to deactivate the bomb he set. It is however the final sequence where the writers blow my mind, with the revelation within making my jaw drop to the ground, questioning why this series is ending.

Juan Jose Ryp has been producing some of the best work of his career on Clone, and he’s left the best till last. The adrenaline fueled layouts of the opening sequence, along with the 24esque tension throughout really allowed for a gripping intro, reflecting the desperate nature of Eric’s predicament perfectly. Ryp also produced some of his best facial expressions, and along with the immense detail of both characters and scenery it really allows things to standout. Complimenting this we get wonderful colours from Andy Troy, with his punchy, textured palette as ever perfectly matching the tone of both Ryp’s art and the story itself.

Clone has unfortunately came to a premature end. But has it? This gripping finale leaves the series on the biggest cliffhanger since the original Italian Job, with the revelation leaving this fanboy begging for more. Highly recommended.

  • + Beautifully written finale.
  • + Juan Jose Ryp leaves the best for last.
  • + Best cliffhanger ever!
  • + Read the writers message at the end!

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  • James Woolfenden

    hiatus not ending apparently see @davidschulner

    • John McCubbin

      I know. I just wanted to leave this for people to read for themselves (it also says at the end of the issue). Hence why I ened with: Clone has unfortunately came to a premature end. But has it?