Chew #44 Review

What will happen when Savoy and co. take on the Collector? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“CHICKEN TENDERS,” Part Four Warning: Sissies will need an adult diaper before reading this one. No joke. No lie. This will be the most talked about issue of CHEW in years.

Chew44_Page3Chew #44 sees the penultimate issue in Chicken Tenders arc, as though the arc has felt like a series of one-shots, this chapter proves that there has been a bigger picture. Taking the fight to the Collector, Savoy and company get into a brutal fight that is extremely gripping, leaving me hooked from start to finish. It also gives some shocking developments that leaves a lot to think of before Chicken Tenders’ conclusion.

John Layman keeps producing the goods when it comes to Chew, as though not every issue is amazing, there has yet to be one that I’d deem unreadable. Giving an exciting series of events, Layman reminds us why the Collector is the greatest foe Chew has sported, with there being some drastic developments. I did however feel that things escalated a little too quickly, as though this feels the natural order within Chew, it certainly threw this fanboy back. Layman also manages to give yet more depth to the tale by giving a wonderful flashback, that was rather entertaining.

Rob Guillory has produced amazing artwork over the course of this series, with his fun, energetic style being the thing I’ve loved the most. He does however take this up a level here, as reflecting Layman’s script (which is attached to the back of this issue) he gives a brutal series of events that is mesmerizing. There’s also some of the lighter tones that has made this series astonishing on display in this issue, with the likes of Poyo adding much needed humour. Guillory also delivers some solid colours, with his bold palette allowing the shocking moments to be all the more stunning, whilst also giving a soft tone to the lighter moments.

Chew #44 has to be one of the most intense issues in the series to date, with the brutal action being something that we’ve not seen in a long time. Despite being a little sudden, this brutality helps make this one of the best chapters in recent months, leaving me hooked for the next. Highly recommended.

  • + Brutal action that will leave you in shock.
  • + Yet more astonishing art from Rob Guillory.
  • + John Layman still gives us some fun moments.
  • - The brutality came a little too sudden.

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