Chew #43 Review

How will Olive shape up when her father is out of town? Read on to find out.

The official description Image:

“CHICKEN TENDERS,” Part Three Olive. Poyo. Colby.

Chew #43 Cover BComing off the back of an amazing Poyo one shot, Chew returns to normal events. Seeing Tony get sent on yet another wild goose chase, the series naturally leaves the door open for Olive to take centre stage, being the key feature of this issue. Proving as entertaining as ever, the lively events, along with both Colby and Poyo playing larger roles allows Chew #43 to be rather unique set-up for things to come.

John Layman has yet to fail to impress, as though some of the more recent issues have been a little under par compared to the high standards it’s set, it remains one of the most entertaining series Image is producing. Giving a quick, yet thorough background on Olive’s power set, as well as her training with Mason Savoy, Layman quickly gets into the nitty gritty, with there being some exquisite action near the end. Despite this the series is lacking the humour that I so dearly loved, and if it wasn’t for the intensity, and shocking climax I easily could have been disappointed with this outing.

I must sound a bit like a broken record when it comes to talking about Rob Guillory stunning art, with it once again astounding me. The smooth, energetic flow of his art proves as enticing as ever, with his fun, dynamic style as ever being the standout factor of this series. Guillory also manages to capture the erratic emotions of our characters perfectly, with the Poyo double page splash being as explosive as ever. Guillory also as ever continues to colours his art, and with assistance from Taylor Wells it really allows this energetic tale to jump off the page.

Chew continues to be a must have for fans of fun and quirky tales, as though the humour is lacking slightly, the excitement certainly isn’t. Highly recommended.

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