Bloodshot #24 Review

What will Bloodshot get up to prior to his 25th Anniversary issue? Read on to find out.

The official description from Valiant:

Russian super-spies don’t die easy!

Deep in the biting cold of a former Soviet state, a mysterious cell of sleeper agents – their minds clouded, but their bodies genetically enhanced – are wreaking havoc and inching the region toward war. Forced into a fight he never wanted, Bloodshot is about to discover the shocking secret of their agenda…and, when faced with the might of their unstoppable power, will meet an enemy eerily similar to himself…

BLOOD_024_VARIANT_GRACEFollowing the breakdown in his relationship with H.A.R.D. Corps and his involvement in Armor Hunters, Bloodshot has had a lot to deal with as of late, and a return to solo work seems like the right course of action. Also the fact that Bloodshot will soon be joining other Valiant series in the 25th Anniversary issue club, means that a one-shot tale is very fitting, and though it may not have been perfect, it certainly met the criteria that one-shot tales need.

Hawaiian Dick writer B. Clay Moore handles the script for this issue, and though it was very exciting, it was a little off putting at times. The main problem that I had with this issue was that it tried to do too much in one sitting, feeling like information overload. Yes the fact that this issue had a swift beginning, middle and end meant that it felt like what a one-shot should be, but this barrage of constant development just made things rather confusing and disjointed.

Will Rosado produced the artwork on this issue, giving a very spy like tone to this one-shot tale. Being very explosive and intense, the layouts really allow for a smooth transition between the events, helping dull the overload that Moore’s script produces. The scenery also gives atmosphere, as though the detail isn’t immaculate, it is to a relatively high spec. Despite this there were some flat spots throughout, as though the facial expressions brought emotion to the characters, some of the expressions felt stiff. The colours choice from Allen Passalaqua also proved amazing, giving a punchy, yet dark tone to this issue.

Bloodshot is about to reach it’s 25th issue, so naturally to fill the gap we get a one-shot tale. Though things are exciting, and engaging, it’s over developed plot allows for confusion and an overall disjointed flow. Due to this I can only recommend this to long term fans of Bloodshot, feeling that it’s not the best example for new fans.

  • + Will Rosado produces exciting art fitting of this spy tale.
  • + What a one-shot should be, though doesn't follow-up from that.
  • - Overload of development.
  • - Feels confusing and disjointed at times.

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