Black Science #8 Review

Did Nate and Pia somehow manage to survive the fall, or has Kadir failed to deliver on his promise? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Trapped in a fantastical dimension, the Anarchist League of Scientists discover a race of bizarre creatures that hold the mysteries of the Eververse…and a startling discovery behind the Pillar’s deeper mythological significance.

Black Science #8 previewBlack Science returned in a triumphant bang, as Kadir tries to lead the team home to safety. Unfortunately in the course of the he failed to live up to his promise to the late Grant McKay, fearing he let McKay’s children, Nate and Pia fall to their deaths. But did they? Now I won’t go ahead and spoil anything for you good readers, but I will say it was as I expected things to turn out.

Rick Remender continues swiftly from the gripping cliffhanger of last issue, airing out the events that left fans on the edge of their seats, begging for more. The way in which he handles the aftermath, along with the dysfunction within the remaining team members really helped to add tension, as bar that the issue felt quite transitional. Despite this Remender managed to grasp my attention, with insight into alternative realities using the Pillar, with the general mystery and tension throughout making up for the lack of impact.

Matteo Scalera never fails to impress me with his wonderful art on this series, once again producing a dark tone that was gripping throughout. His sketchy pencils, and punctual inks give a very gritty look to the series, with the layouts being striking to say the least. Scalera also manages to capture so much passion, with the facial expressions emphasizing the seriousness of our characters situation. Mix all this in with Dean White‘s mixture of dark and soft colours, and you get phenomenal visuals that you’ll never get tired of viewing.

Black Science continues to be one of Image’s must haves, as though the pace has dropped in this issue, the intrigue is still there. Highly recommended.

  • + Great follow-up to last issue's cliffhanger.
  • + Rick Remender produces yet another intriguing script.
  • + Matteo Scalera never fails to impress with his gritty art.
  • - Transitional feel meant a lack in pace.

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