Black Science #10 Review

Is this the same Grant McKay that died at the end of the first arc? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Fueled by a long string of failures as a leader, Kadir launches a mad rescue attempt. Can he live up to his promise and finally redeem himself, or will he fall beneath the crawling chaos of a million psychic millipedes?

BlackScience10_Page1Black Science gave us some mysterious developments in the last issue, with the appearance of a Grant McKay feeling like a pipe bomb entering a confined room. Leaving us questioning whether this is the same Grant McKay that died at the end of the first arc, or whether he’s from one of these alternative universe, this development certainly left room for thought. Building upon that this issue only goes to strengthen these questions, as though I personally have an idea what the answer is, it’s by no means a foregone conclusion.

Rick Remender is certainly building to something in this recent arc, as though the developments of this issue felt a little placid in comparison to previous, it still left me curious for more. The main thing that his script resonated was suspense, with the fate of Nate and Pia having a wonderful sense of dread. Despite this I did feel that Remender was spreading the development a little thin, as though there was something intriguing about every scenario, bar the final page there was nothing that really amazed me.

Matteo Scalera has been doing an amazing job on the artwork over this series, giving a wonderful look to this world. I did however feel that there were too many double page spreads in this issue, and though that may be down to Remender’s script, it was still a little overpowering. As for visual flair however, these double page spreads were awesome, having some wonderful panels, and breathtaking scenery. Dean White‘s painted colours also proved to be as sleek as eve, giving some wonderful definition to Scalera’s art.

Black Science #10 has a lot going on in it, and in attempt to cover all the bases this ultimately leaves us with a rather average plot. The issue is however saved by it’s gripping climax, and wonderful art, and due to this it still comes recommended.

  • + The mystery surrounding Grant McKay is even more intriguing.
  • + Matteo Scalera gives some breathtaking scenery.
  • + Final panel left me eager for more.
  • - Development is spread a little thin.

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