Black Market #3 Review

What will Ray and Denny do when some crooked police find out about their operation? Read on to find out.

The official description from BOOM! Studios:

The worst thing you can do in the black market business is get sloppy, and Ray has found himself at the beck and call of two very crooked cops.With the BioChem noose tightening and the crew forced to nab a Gamma-level Super or face termination, has Ray reached the end of his rope?

Black Market #3 previewBlack Market has taken us on one roller coaster of a ride so far, with it’s edgy material, and gripping developments having me hooked to every panel, of every page, of every issue. Introducing two crooked cops, this issue sees how the brothers react to them wanting in on the action. The result is something truly thrilling, being one of the most exciting issues yet.

Frank Barbiere continues to write the script for this four part mini, with the Five Ghosts and Solar: Man of the Atom writer continuing to produce the goods. Delivering dramatic dialogue, and gritty development, Barbiere takes Black Market to another level, with the graphic actions of the second half having me captivated. It was however the twist at the end that interested me the most, as combined with yet another piece of backstory, it allows for a very inquisitive cliffhanger leading into the series conclusion.

Victor Santos also continues to amaze on the art front, with his energetic flair once again allowing a dynamic flow to the series. It was however the gory detail of the later pages that impressed me the most, as combined with the intense layouts it gave a very deep and impactful vibe to the issue. Santos also increased this tone by producing brilliant character expressions, with the emotion being easily noticeable. Rounding things off we get wonderful colours from Adam Metcalfe, with his bold palette giving an intense overtone to the issue.

Black Market continues to impress me more and more, with the intense events of this issue having me practically speechless. Highly recommended.

  • + Awesome, gory developments.
  • + Frank Barbiere delivers a dramatically gripping issue.
  • + Intense art from Victor Santos.
  • + Cliffhanger has me eager for the conclusion.

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