Birthright #6 Review

What will we learn from this brand spanking new arc? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

NEW STORY ARC Mikey’s return has divided the Rhodes family in unexpected ways. Where do they go from here?

Birthright06-CoverB-47bbfIf it wasn’t established prior to this issue that Mikey is a bad guy, then it is now. Giving wonderful insight into this polarised character, Birthright #6 gets the second arc off to a fantastic start. Focusing on Mikey’s time with his brother, Brennan, this issue shows how far the character has gone since his early days in Terrenos, with there being some hints at the affect it had there.

Joshua Williamson did a wonderful job of introducing us to these two different worlds during the first arc, and though there’s still a lot to explore, it feels as if we’re now moving onto the real meat of this story. Delivering wonderful character development, that reinstate former opinions, the writer certainly starts to draw boundaries, as though there’s still some aspects open to interpretation, there aren’t as many as there once were. The bonding between Mikey and Brennan also proves a pivotal point, as though I’d love to see more of Terrenos, this is needed to show Brennan what kind of person Mikey has truly become.

If I’ve said it once, then I’ll say it a thousand times, Andrei Bressan‘s artwork totally rocks! Between the immense attention to detail, and the dynamic layouts, this artist makes it easy to get enthralled with this world, as though we don’t have as much of the fantasy land that is Terrenos, the outdoor scenery certainly allows for some beautiful landscapes. He also manages to add great symbolism, as with the focus on Mikey’s personality, it was nice to see this translated into the art. The colours of Adriano Lucas also continue to give a toned finish, with the mixture of soft light and bold darkness, allowing for great contrast and texture.

Birthright‘s second arc gets off to an amazing start, as though it was slightly disappointing to see so little of Terrenos, the character depth and development more than made up. The intense notion of symbolism also allows for some powerful moments, that result in this comic coming highly recommended. So if you’re not currently getting this series, then do so now!

  • + Mikey's true colours shine like never before.
  • + Wonderful character depth.
  • + Andrei Bressan’s art totally ROCKS!
  • - Not enough Terrenos.

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