Birthright #5 Review

Will Mickey manage to take down his first target? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The never-ending war on Terrenos rocks our world as Mikey battles one of its greatest warriors to the death. No one is safe as BIRTHRIGHT’s first arc comes to an earth-shattering finish!

Birthright05_Page2The way that this series has explored the fantasy genre is nothing short of amazing, with the questionable backstory of our hero (or should I say villain?), Mickey, being utterly captivating. Exploring more of Mickey’s time in Terrenos, as well as following his mission here on Earth, Birthright #5 proves to be an exciting, thrill ride, that will leave you mesmerized.

Joshua Williamson is easily one of the best writers in the business today, as between Ghosted, Nailbiter and Birthright, he has created three of the best creator owned series currently on our shelves. The way that he’s built this mystical world is truly fascinating, with the polar opposite tones between Earth and Terrenos allowing for the fantasy elements to be all the more magical. Despite this, it’s the way he’s developed Mickey’s characteristics that really captivates me, with the questions surrounding his true motives being extremely tantalising.

The art from Andrei Bressan also continues to astound, with the detailed pencils, and dynamic layouts being nothing short of phenomenal. Between the way he captures the immense energy within the Mickey/Ward battle, and the fantastic scenery of Terrenos, there are many elements surrounding Bressan’s art that’ll leave you gobsmacked. The emotion is also shown wonderfully, with Mickey’s demeanor being enigmatic to say the least. The colour palette of Adriano Lucas also continues to impress, with the depth, and layers to his colours adding a fabulous finish to Bressan’s art.

Birthright #5 certainly adds plenty of energy to this already astounding story, with the dramatic developments captivating throughout. The character depth, and backstory also adds more depth to this amazing world, with the final page being as tantalising as ever.

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