Birthright #3 Review

What is Mikey really up to? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

After a standoff in the police station, the Rhodes family is on the run from the law, and for their lives. And just what horrors did Mikey survive while he was away?

Birthright03-Page2-bcde3Though there have been other fantasy tales to bridge the gap between magic and reality, there have been few that have done so quite like Birthright. Having elements of Flight of the Navigator and Conan, whilst being utterly unique in it’s own right, this series has been both mysterious and dramatic, with the action being sensational throughout.

Joshua Williamson has crafted something truly magical, with the fantasy elements, and real world setting allowing for an immersive vibe. Ultimately it’s the plot that still captivates me the most, with Mikey’s quest being tantalisingly mysterious. Mikey’s intentions also become more and more questionable, as despite the hints towards a darker side, there is still an heroic stance to his actions. The events on Terrenos also remain as enthralling as ever, giving more depth to the fantasy side of this tale.

The artwork of Birthright remains to a very high standard, with the detail of Andrei Bressan‘s art being phenomenal. The creative flair of this artist has really impressed me over the course of this series, as though his creature designs have been awe inspiring, the more realistic aspects also amaze. He also delivers some fabulous bursts of energy, with the action being both punchy, and exciting. Adriano Lucas‘ colours also continues to impress, with his palette complimenting Bressan’s style perfectly.

Birthright continues to be a must read comic, with Williamson as a writer growing stronger and stronger with each creator owned series. The visuals are also as stunning as ever, with the narrative being utterly gripping. It’s this that makes this issue easily recommended.

  • + This fantasy world continues to enthrall.
  • + Joshua Williamson creates a gripping tale.
  • + Andrei Bressan's art is mesmerizing.
  • - The transition between worlds is a little awkward.

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