Birthright #2 Review

What is Mikey’s real agenda? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

What is the line between fantasy and delusion? In the aftermath of last issue, the Rhodes family is looking for answers…and nothing is what it seems.

Birthright02_Page2Having given us some enticing and shocking developments in it’s opening issue, Birthright starts to get into the nitty gritty, as Mikey doesn’t let anything get in the way of him reaching his goal. Between the emotional reaction of Mikey’s family, and the questionable nature surrounding Mikey’s intentions, Birthright #2 continues to build on the enticing elements of the opening issue.

Joshua Williams is easily one of the best writers in the industry today, as though my initial introduction to the writer during the Uncharted series he wrote at DC wasn’t enough to make him a name I could easily remember, his creator owned series’ certainly have. Delving deeper into Mikey’s time in Terrenos, Williamson builds on the whole “Chosen One” angle with his journey being utterly fascinating. Despite this the narrative feels ever so slightly repetitive, as if it wasn’t for the emotion, and the look at Terrenos things would have felt very much like an extension of the already oversized opening issue.

Andrei Bressan mesmerized me with his artwork on the opening issue, with it being stunning from start to finish. Giving yet more beautiful visuals, Bressan continues to fashion an amazing fantasy world in Terrenos, with the vast landscapes and wonderful creatures giving a very engaging tone. It is however the mixture of emotions in the present that really grabbed my attention, as though the fantasy aspect is probably more impressive, the sheer depth of Mikey’s expressions allowed for an intense series of events. In addition to this we get yet more wonderful colours from Adriano Lucas, with the mixture of light and dark tones giving great depth.

Birthright is a thrilling adventure that every fanboy needs to read. Yes this second outing isn’t perfect, and yes there’s still some room for improvement, but so far the series has given a lot to be excited about. Highly recommended.

  • + Mikey continues to show a mixed agenda.
  • + Andrei Bressan delivers a wonderful fantasy world.
  • + Exciting developments from Joshua Williamson.
  • - A little repetitive at times.

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