Big Man Plans #2 Review

Will Big Man Plans continue to excite? Or is it a concept that is too big for it’s own britches? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Big Man, by knee-capping a guy with a drywall hatchet, begins his bloody road of revenge as more clues to his mysterious motivations are revealed.

BigManPlans02-CoverBThe début issue of Big Man Plan may not have been the smoothest of openings, but one thing it was, was intense. Telling the story of a vengeful dwarf, Big Man Plans shows how the cruelty of the world can alter the course of a man’s life, with Big Man’s brutal, no quit attitude, allowing for some thrilling moments. This continues into this second issue, as with the addition of a more refined story, it results in a truly gripping comic.

Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch may have struggled at times to keep my attention during the first issue, but that is most definitely not a problem here. Having a rich, yet powerful set of character developments, along with some of the most brutal action in comics, Big Man Plans is a thrill ride that you don’t want to get off. It’s subtle, yet dramatic narration also makes it gripping, with the sheer drive and determination of Big Man captivating from start till finish. Despite this, I do feel that there’s still that little bit extra this comic needs to transition into epicness, though it’s heading in the right direction to do so.

The main draw in Big Man Plans has to be the fact that Eric Powell does double duties, also working on the art. That remains true with this second issue, as though the story has taken a drastic leap, it’s still the art that captivates the most. Between the detailed pencils, and bold inkwork, it’s easy to get enthralled by the base work that Powell creates. Add to this the mixture of vivid and sepia like colour tones, and you get a rich, textured finish to this magnificent work. It is on the other hand the action that shines most, with the brutality being handled in a beautiful fashion that easily mesmerized.

Big Man Plans may still have some work to be done, before it becomes a must have, but it’s gripping character development, and intense action is definitely sending it there. This is also complemented by beautiful art, with Powell and Wiesch’s vision captivating throughout.

  • + Intense action.
  • + Gripping character development.
  • + Beautiful artwork.
  • - Still lacking in real focus.

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