Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #2 Review

How will Ash react when he has to fight dead allies? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The Curse of the Faceless man has been unleashed on the land. The dead can now walk in sunlight. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Now Ash and Sheila must fight for their lives if they are ever going to get married.

AshHitched02CovFrancavillaEvery since the first mention of the Faceless Man’s possible arrival, Army of Darkness has raised its game, with Ash Gets Hitched in particular getting off to a spectacular start. Having awakened the dead allies that were late in joining them, Ash, Sheila and Wiseman find themselves facing a new type of foe, as the Faceless Man starts to leave his mark on the world.

Steve Niles has instilled varied feeling in me throughout the course of this series, but gladly as of late these feelings have become more consistent. And in a good way. Giving the normal Ash charm, as well as exhilarating action Niles really lifts the tempo of this series up, setting a wonderful precedence going forward. Despite this there was a certain part of me that was upset to see the Faceless Man left out of this issue, as though he’s left his mark, it would’ve been nice to have seen more from the gigantic monstrosity.

Nacho Tenorio keeps impressing me more and more with each passing issue, as having started off as an adequate replacement from Dennis Calero, he has gradually started making this world his own. Between the immaculate detail, the gory action, and the energetic layout Tenorio gives us a lot of reasons to love this issue. Also capturing the charmful and quirky emotions from Niles’ dialogue Tenorio manages to create an entertaining atmosphere to the tale. Merge all this with
Kelly Fitzpatrick‘s soft, yet impactful colours and you get visuals that match the epic nature of this tale perfectly.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched has really been on a roll, with the exciting events making it one of the best Evil Dead comics yet. Highly recommended.

  • + Epic action from Ash and Sheila.
  • + Steve Niles is producing a thoroughly enticing story.
  • + Nacho Tenorio delivers exquisite art.
  • - Would have liked to have seen the Faceless Man make an appearance.

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