Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #4 Review

Can Ash defeat the Faceless Man? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Is there anything more romantic than the sound of wedding bells and a revving chainsaw? The happy union of timelost bad-ass Ashley J. Williams and lovely maiden Sheila is threatened by an Army-No-Longer-Limited-To-Darkness and their unstoppable leader, The Faceless Man. Will our hero overcome the Deadite hordes and get some sugar? Or will the undead armies force the bride and groom to hail The Faceless One as the king, baby? The ultimate experience in matrimonial horror ends here!

AshHitched04CovFrancavillaNIt’s the final showdown between Ash and the Faceless Man, with the fate of the world resting on Ash’s shoulders. Having been building up to something spectacular, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing this fight, and I have to say, on the whole I wasn’t disappointed. Though I found the outcome a little underwhelming, the fight itself was fast pace, and exciting, being exactly how I envisioned.

Steve Niles may have delivered some questionable scripts on the Ash and the Army of Darkness series, but he has certainly delivered the goods on this one. Continuing to impress, he gives some of amazing dialogue, with the nature of Ash being clearly on display. He also gives an exciting overtone, with the aftermath also being dramatic. The thing that I enjoyed most about Niles’ script is the end, with the irony and reminder of just how idiotic Ash can be putting a huge smile on my face.

Nacho Tenorio has been doing an amazing job over the course of this mini-series, taking the in depth tone that he set in Ash and the Army of Darkness Annual 2014, and expanding on it. The way that he builds tension throughout the extended fight sequence is pure magic, with the desperation of Ash being in the foreground. The striking colours of Kelly Fitzpatrick also continues to amaze, with her choice of colours allowing for a textured finish.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched ends in a thoroughly gripping way, as though there are a couple of minor points that annoyed me, the finale as a whole was both definitive, whilst setting up the future. Highly recommended.

  • + Steve Niles ends his run on a high.
  • + Ash is as idiotic as ever.
  • + Nacho Tenorio’s art is extremely gripping.
  • - The Ash/Faceless Man battle ends a little too sudden.

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