Angel & Faith Season 10 #7 Review

How will Faith deal with these new leadership responsibilities? And will Angel get Amy off his back? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Amy the Rat has been seeking favors in Magic Town, and Angel is on alert—what is this witch really after? Meanwhile, Faith has tracked Riley into the jungle to find a tribe of vicious new vampires! Casualties be happening . . .

Angel & Faith Season 10 #7 variantAngel & Faith Season 10 continues to be an entertaining series, though the split tale leaves a split decision. Finding it hard to get Amy Madison off his case, Angel has to come up with an unique way to stop this determined witch. Meanwhile Faith is suddenly made leader of the Deepscan group she’s a part of, as they continue to hunt for Riley Finn. In all honesty it’s purely the Faith side of this tale that I enjoy, as though Amy’s actions on the final page intrigued me, the whole scenario throughout this issue felt pretty dull.

Victor Gischler continues to write Angel & Faith, and though the developments left me with mixed feelings, the pace and tone of this issue definitely proved engaging. Focusing firmly on Faith, Gischler shows a remorseful side to our ultra tough heroine, allowing her to take command fairly easily. As for the Angel side of the story, despite having some interesting dialogue, and an enticing climax, the entire development feels a little mundane.

Will Conrad‘s art never ceases to amaze me, with the detail of his pencils, and the precision of his inks being as stunning as ever. Giving a very dramatic tone throughout, the layouts of Conrad’s art allow the story to flow smoothly, as well as catching the reader’s eye. The character likenesses also prove as uncanny as ever, with the emotional facial expressions adding that extra bit of intensity to this tale. Capping things off we get wonderful colours from Michelle Madsen, with her choice of colours giving the perfect mixture of dark and vibrant tones.

Angel & Faith Season 10 may be turning into the Faith show, but the series as a whole remains a worthy addition to the Whedonverse. It’s engaging dialogue and exciting action makes it a series that is easy to jump into, allowing Buffy and Angel fans a chance to see these characters in action once more. Recommended.

  • + Faith shows remorse and leadership.
  • + Will Conrad’s art never ceases to amaze.
  • + Victor Gischler continues to create an intriguing tale.
  • - Angel is quickly becoming a side character, opposed to the lead he should be.

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