Angel & Faith Season 10 #12 Review

Angel and Faith are both now residing in Magic Town! But does this mean that the duo are finally back together? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Though she’s returned to London, Faith isn’t planning to join up with Team Angel again. But circumstances will throw the Slayer and the vampire together when someone searching for Illyria brings his quest through Magic Town . . .

Angel & Faith Season 10 #12 variantFanboys and fangirls around the world had to have rejoiced at the developments in the last issue, as though it was awesome to see Angel and Faith do their own things respectively, they are much more interesting collectively than apart. That thought does however need to be placed on hold for one second, as though the two characters are sharing the same location (Magic Town, London), it would appear that they’re still going to be split up, with Faith in no mood to be “sidekicking,” for Angel.

It’s this latter statement that has let me down a little from Victor Gishler‘s script, as though I agree that there needs to be some level of separation, this seems like a step backwards rather than forwards. Nonetheless, the writer does give us some interesting moments, with the backstory of Eldre Koh and revelation from Fred allowing for some captivating moments. There’s also a little excitement, with the culminating sequences leading into something that shows a lot of promise.

The artwork on this issue is however once again faultless, with the ultra detailed pencils, and slick inkwork of Will Conrad being as pleasing to the eye as ever before. Capturing the likeness of these characters superbly, whilst crafting this into a smooth, fluid series of layouts, the artist certainly knows how to create drama. He also delivers some intense action, as well as wonderful scenery, as though the former is a little sparse compared to normal, it still adds depth. The colours of Michelle Madsen also continues to add a vivid overtone, with the mixture of dark and punchy colours allowing for great texture.

Angel & Faith Season 10 #12 may not be one of the best issues the series has produced, proving to be rather the opposite. It does however do enough to intrigue, and given the fact this is one of the poorer issue, that’s only testament to the series strength on the whole.

  • + Intriguing backstory to Eldre Koh.
  • + Magnificent art from Will Conrad.
  • - The whole Illyria angel was a little predictable.
  • - The choice to keep Angel and Faith separated isn’t one that wins me over.

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