Alex + Ada #9 Review

What will happen now that Ada has left Alex? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Ada explores life without Alex and discovers just how dangerous it is to be a sentient android out in the world.

Alex + Ada #9Alex + Ada ended in the most emotionally shocking way imaginable, with Ada’s decision to leave Alex rendering me speechless. The building relationship between Alex and Ada has been the key thing that has keep me coming back for more, with the strange relationship proving to be extremely enticing, and very dramatic. It’s this reason that their separation has left me in a state of shock, as though comic book break-ups in Marvel and DC may be frivolous and throwaway, having grown to like these characters, it’s rather sad to see this development.

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna continue to do a wonderful job of scripting this tale, with it remaining as enticing as ever. Though the issue has a depressing feel to it at times, this choice in tone is appropriate to the character development, conveying Alex’s emotions brilliantly. Nonetheless it is the Ada side of this tale that really interested me, with her mixed feeling showing the newly sentient thought process that she has. Additionally there is also a little bit of action in this tale, with it showing the drastic measures that the anti sentient movement are going to.

Luna also continues to do a wonderful job on the artwork, creating yet more mesmerizing visuals to accompany this gripping tale. The simplistic style of this art really allows the emotion and drama to shine through, proving once more that less can be more. Luna’s choice in colours also continue to add brilliant tone to this tale, as though the lack of texture still means that there are some flat spots, this approach gives a sombre finish to this delicate series.

Alex + Ada has been one of the most emotionally dramatic tales I’ve ever seen from a comic. Though Alex’s depressive attitude makes some of this issue hard to read, the realistic tone and emotional flair makes it overall a must read. Highly recommended.

  • + Ada shows her mixed feelings well.
  • + Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna continue to make me care.
  • + Luna's art is simplistic yet powerful.
  • - Alex's depressing mood is a little off putting.

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