Alex + Ada #13 Review

Will Alex and Ada ever find peace? Or is this forbidden love destined to be tormented for eternity? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Disaster closes in on Alex and Ada.

Alex + Ada #13I find myself thinking the same thing about this series with every few passing issues, and that’s: things are definitely getting interesting. Despite initially seeming like yet another mundane series of events, that’s carried by the emotional depth of our two main characters, this issue quickly proves otherwise, with the intense developments in the governments stance against sentient robots leading to a monumental twist of events.

The main thing that has kept me, and many fans coming back to this tale, is the creative team behind it, with the emotionally charged tale of Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna proving that you don’t need explosions and action to make an entertaining comic. Continuing to push the dramatic elements to the max, the writers once again give us an interesting series of events, as though the dialogue shared between Alex and Ada borders on overemotional, it ultimately makes the intense twist at the end all the more powerful.

The artwork that Jonathan Luna produces on this series continues to astound, as though the facial expressions still remain a little flat at times, the artist definitely captures the emotional state of affairs. He also manages to give an intense, yet dramatic flair to proceedings, as though the emotional depth is what carried the earlier half of the issue, there’s still a lot of tension in the air. In addition to this, Luna’s minimalistic scenery, and pastel like colours creating a wonderful sense of depth.

Alex + Ada continues to be a dramatically enticing tale, as though the emotionally charged dialogue between the two characters is starting to become a little overbearing, the intense developments make it a series worth following. The climactic twists also leave some speculation leading into the next chapter, with our characters still having a long way to go before living happily ever after.

  • + Impactful twists that'll leave readers hooked.
  • + Fantastic drama throughout.
  • + Astounding art.
  • - The emotion is starting to become a little stagnant.

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