Alex + Ada #11 Review

How will Alex and Ada move on with their lives? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Ada needs to find a balance between freedom and safety. Alex’s friends have opinions on his relationship with Ada.

AlexAda11_Page3Alex + Ada took an emotionally beautiful development in the last issue, with the relationship between Alex and Ada being even more engaging than ever. Following on from this, the latest issue dives into the question of what comes next, showing the couples thought process regarding how they’ll live together.

Having produced gripping compelling script after another, Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna have certainly proved that excitement can come in many forms. This continues to be the case in this issue, with the dramatic character interaction allowing for some tense moments throughout. Despite this, the overall narrative of this issue isn’t quite as intriguing as the previous issue, with the events feeling much like the calm before the storm. Nevertheless, the series remains one of Images’ best, and will be missed once it’s finished.

Jonathan Luna‘s art has more than complimented the story that has been created within Alex + Ada, with his unique style as ever amazing. Giving great depth to this dramatic world, whilst also capturing the emotion of the story, Luna’s work really allows the reader to feel the tension, and atmosphere. Despite this, the stiff facial expressions remain of putting, though not to the extent that it ruins the entire artwork.

Alex + Ada continues to get even more intense, as though this issue doesn’t quite live up to the amazing premise of the last, it certainly excited. Highly recommended.

  • + Tale remains emotionally gripping.
  • + Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna continue to amaze.
  • + A tense cliffhanger.
  • - Though astonishing, Luna's art sometimes lacks oomph.

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