Alex + Ada #10 Review

Will the FBI catch-up with Ada? Or has she found solace with Alex’ sister, Emily? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Alex and Ada must find a resolution.

Alex+Ada10_Page3If ever you told me that I’d be excited about a sci-fi comic that centred around romance, I’d probably say, “we’ll see about that.” But that has proven to most certainly be the case with Alex + Ada, as though the sci-fi elements have been enticing, it has been the emotional struggle between the two characters, and the way the world views androids that has left me eagerly anticipating each issue.

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna have been twisting an extremely emotional tale, with the complicated relationship between Alex and Ada being truly beautiful. Taking this emotionally driven aspect of the series, and pushing it to the max, the duo manage to give a series of gripping events that’s sure to put a smile on long time readers faces. At the same time they also explore both the lingering side emotion of Alex, as well as the controversial events Ada has been involved in, once again leaving me eager for the next installment.

Jonathan Luna has been creating some of the most emotionally driven art I’ve ever seen, as though there are some flat moments, this in no way detracts from the overall depth. Luna also manages to handle the more intimate aspects of this script wonderfully, giving some of the most beautiful silent panels that I’ve ever seen. The colours throughout the issue also manage to add a great deal of depth to the events, with Luna’s bold palette allowing for some deeply engaging moments.

Alex + Ada continues to prove that you don’t need excitement to make a great comic, with the emotional developments being utterly gripping. The tension, and drama of other events also makes it a series that fans will be begging to read more of, with the shocking climax being the cherry on the cake. Highly recommended.

  • + Beautiful artwork from Jonathan Luna.
  • + Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna produce a powerful script.
  • + Finally the moment that fans have been waiting for.
  • + A final page that'll leave you begging for more.

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