ADVANCE REVIEW! Black Market #2

Can Black Market continue to change the way we see superheroes? Read on to find out.

The official description from BOOM! Studios:

Under Denny’s coercion, Ray has successfully procured and sold his first batch of Super DNA on the black market. The scary part? He’s a natural, so much so that he and Denny need to expand their operation by bringing in some added muscle-a former hero with an axe to grind against the Supers who forced him out of the life.

Black Market #2 previewBlack Market got off to a successful start, with the concept of killing superheroes surprisingly being a very intriguing one. Though there have been many books that show a negative view on capes, with The Boys leaping to mind, none have done so in such a enthralling, yet refined way. What also puts this above others is the way in which it shows the answer to curing major diseases, with the supers DNA holding the key.

Frank Barbiere has proven to be a very creative writer, producing great series after great series. Black Market is however quickly becoming one of his best, with the intense pace, and well thought out structure captivating me at every corner. Between the way he continues to build Ray’s character, to the intriguing backstory, Barbiere leaves you wanting more. He also develops an interesting twist to the superheroes curing diseases concept, showing that not every super has the required DNA structure to cure the likes of cancer.

Victor Santos also continued to amaze, with his rough, energetic tone bringing a dynamic flair to the story. Santos also manages to entice with his wonderful facial expressions, showing the mixed emotions perfectly. In addition to this he also gives us a wonderful sense of drama, with the shading, and bold inkwork in certain sequences enhancing the overall intensity. Combine all this with Adam Metcalfe‘s bold colours and you get exquisite visuals that are easy to mull over.

Black Market is quickly proving to be one of BOOM! Studio’s best mini’s, having a very morish tale. Highly recommended.

  • + Frank Barbiere knows how to entice.
  • + Wonderful background, and intense development.
  • + Rough and energetic art from Victor Santos.
  • + Last pages leaves you begging for more!

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