Groo: Friends and Foes #2 Review


The world of Groo continues, showing us another life that he has touched for the good or bad. Is this one a happy story or sad. Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The Year of Groo continues! As Groo roams from town to town, wreaking his usual havoc, he runs into his beloved Granny Groo, who raised him from an inept young toddler to an even less-ept older idiot. Can she use Groo in a profitable scheme? Well, what do you think? From Sergio Aragon├ęs and Mark Evanier, with Stan Sakai and Tom Luth!

GROOFRIFO-2-PG-04-3588fGroo is a really fun character and this series has been a good one to really look at the lives that he has affected, good and bad. This issue we see that Groo has some family in his grandmother, Granny Groo, who happens to be nothing like Groo. She is actually a gypsy and she lives with a whole bunch of them. They are all having their good time living but when Groo arrives everyone from her group and the village over are trying to get rid of him. Granny comes up with a plan that may be profitable to everyone and actually has some fun moments. It is pretty alright.

Mark Evanier does a fun time of writing this story but there is some moments that I wish would have happened. We get this idea that no one likes Groo, not even his family. I would have liked a sweet moment between him and his grandmother. It would have been really cool to see that. I do hope that they show him with friends soon.

Sergio Aragon├ęs continues to be a fantastic artist and has a very distinct style that works for this comic book. It is fantastic.

Groo: Friends and Foes is a really great story but we need some love for Groo.

  • + A fun cartoon
  • + Groo is fantastic character
  • + The cartoon look works!
  • - Lacks a little empathy

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