Do fans need another new character to follow? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

For centuries, it was assumed that the Greek and Roman gods of legend were nothing more than myths. However, that is not entirely true.

These powerful begins are, in fact, living amongst humanity. Some of them are content with blending in and living alongside humans, while others are plotting for their return to power. A war brews between Zeus—who awakens his demi-god children and shows them how to be heroes—and Venus, who uses her powers to manipulate both gods and men to join her side.

This is the story of Hercules Payne… son of Zeus.

GFT Godstorm-Hercules Payne 1_Preview PageThis is a slightly different perspective on a familiar corner of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe. It’s a street level build up made possible by a creative team that knows exactly what they’re going for in an issue with tension. So much so that it feels ready to boil over.

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco work with script writer Pat Shand to introduce a new player in this ever expanding game. Andre has a bit of destiny about him, but he doesn’t know it yet, which in part is what makes this opening so accessible. There’s hints at more going on but this is strictly a grounded view that is a perfect jump on point for both new and lapsed readers. Compliments go to the author, because the dialogue is superb and I found myself invested within the first few pages.

The pencil work found within the confines of this comic is beyond what I expected, as AC Osorio demonstrates ability with a level of ease that’s second to none. The depictions of locations and characters resonate, especially when we get a glimpse at some supernatural elements that will surely carry over into future events. Add in the dynamic colors done by Ben Swayer and this package is surely complete.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Godstorm: Hercules Payne #1 is an outstanding start to what could be a more than worthwhile entry in this engaging shared universe. Highly recommended.

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