Grimm Fairy Tales presents Goddess Inc. #2 Review

Is there worth to this outing? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Writer LaToya Morgan (AMC’s TURN) joins the Zenescope team with a brand new, modern re-imagining of Greek mythology like you have never seen before.

As Artemis investigates the murder of one of Venus Couture’s models, Venus continues her power play by seducing Apollo.

Meanwhile Zeus calls a meeting with his daughters, Athena and Artemis, to ready them for Venus’ sinister plan.

GFT Goddess Inc. 2_Variant CoverI’m going to admit that I’ve had an interest in the Olympian tales of old for years now. It’s downright fun to see how any company or creative team goes about interpreting them, and the Godstorm portion of Grimm Fairy Tales¬†is no different as they offer a retelling that plays politics while capturing imagination.

LaToya Morgan pens the script and I have to say the author instantly gets her audience involved. Venus is making her moves as she attempts to dethrone Zeus, and there will be causalities in her wake as all regime changes require a certain amount of blood. What makes this yarn stand out though is the finely tuned path the scribe has crafted, as we bare witness to an easy to follow narrative that throws some surprises our way but never really seems all that interested in wholly unnecessary shock moments.

Add in the pencil strokes by Manuel Preitano and there’s no doubt that this book is a must own. The talent effortlessly plays with a distinct gallery of characters, while keeping each panel simple enough to never over saturate the visual component. But there were times were some of the facial features lacked consistency and even so the colors by Erick Arciniega did enough to cover these minor hiccups in layers of vibrancy. In other words: this is a good looking comic that absolutely deserves¬†attention.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Goddess Inc. #2 is without a doubt one of the titles that I look forward to reviewing. The creative team has crafted something special that makes me want to shout for more as this one effortlessly comes highly recommended.

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