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The official description from Zenescope:

Venus, who recently rose to prominence as a fashion mogul, wishes to return to the days when she was worshipped by humanity. As she sets out to recruit other gods and goddesses to join her, she’ll find that – while some share her thirst for dominance – others stand firmly against her. A war is brewing between the gods, and only the strongest will survive.

GFT Goddess Inc. 1_Variant CoverIf there was a correct way to sell this new series, it would be to highlight the fact that this is a jump on point for the Olympian inspired side of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe. Godstorm has always been an area of fascination for me, and this latest round is no different as scheming continues among the usual players complete with a competent creative team.

The narrative penned by LaToya Morgan touches briefly on all the various icons while placing them in societal roles that are bound to engage. Where we find Venus is fitting, as her plot to take the throne begins to steadily unfold with an attempt to garner support. But it’s through the dialogue that we see contemporary references and just enough spunk to charm the devoted into enjoying these proceedings. Some elements did feel rather lackluster, but truth be told these were few and far between.

The illustrations handed in by Manual Preitano were solid from beginning to end. The talent knew the right way to exeute each rendition while employing decisive pencil strokes. I did find a couple of the panels to be bland but when the colors crafted by Erick Arciniega get added to the mix I’m left with few complaints. In short: the visual side did right by the script it sought to support.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Goddess Inc. #1 is the start of a refreshed look at a slightly aged corner of this lasting franchise. It’s not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination but the team yields enough promise to garner attention and earn a shot. Recommended.

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