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The Awakening

Sela Mathers visits a Native American reservation where she is drawn to a foreboding tapestry. She learns the story of the Dark Shaman, an ancient evil who seeks power through innocent blood… and a young woman with ties to the same tribe may be the only hope against him

GFT Dark Shaman 1_Variant CoverWhen it comes to this franchise and it’s tales of terror, I’m a sucker for anything that dances with ancient material. And the idea of a wronged tribe with a vengeful spirit left in its wake strikes a cord with me, especially when we have kids that seem fated to be in a sizable group just so the body count can rise. In other words: if you’re looking for a decent start to a slasher saga this one’s a release that you need on your pull-list.

Joe Brusha works with script writer Erica J. Heflin to craft a yarn that embraces some very stereotypical genre tropes while instantly setting a course that’s bound to please. We have a simple enough launch where Sela is drawn to a mysterious tapestry and then a myth unfolds. And that right there is the charm the text enjoys, especially when the author uses the afforded space to deliver consistent dialogue. There were times where the written word could be described as a bit rocky but nonetheless the overall content succeeded in delivering a sturdy and compelling plot.

The art by Sean Hill, at least for me, seemed solid but a bit inconsistent. The talent did successfully deliver some moments that carried a noticeable amount of weight, take the times when the supernatural elements came out to play, leaving plenty of reason for even the most discerning eye to gain appreciation. And with the colors by Omi Remalante Jr. for support the entire comic carried a sturdy visual palette.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Dark Shaman #1 does more than a few things right as it gets off to a good start. In other words: this introduction earns a recommendation from me.

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