Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension #3 Review

Do the people in this universe deserve what’s been happening? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Death has struck the Grimm Universe, and nothing will ever be the same. As the Being continues his culling, Sela and Van Helsing scramble to find a way to stop him and the new Keepers. Things go awry, though, when Jackie loses control of her powers and Julian reveals his true loyalties. A battle for the fate of the world is coming, and not everyone will make it out aliveā€¦ when the Being ascends.

GFT Ascension 3_Preview PageWhen faced with a creature of immense power, our heroes are forced to take sides once again. And in the aftermath of Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed, we see a sequel that feels not only logical but absolutely necessary. To the creative team’s credit this specific comic book is exactly what it needs to be and trust me before you reach the cliffhanger fans are going to get excited.

From an intellectual stand point both sides of this growing conflict are offering some honest perspectives. Pat Shand has kept this mini-series engaging by allowing our primary antagonist to not only be a threat but a potential solution to a franchise full of problems. And as his specific brand of peace makes its way throughout the world we see Sela faced with what feels like a betrayal. There’s a lot at stake and the script is more than up to the task as the literature never once feels overplayed or unnecessary.

Butch Mapa handles the visual side of these festivities, and the talent offers up a solid treatment of all the primary characters. His renditions are clean with minimal detail but carry enough personality to sell their interactions. There were some minor instances where I felt the faces lacked consistency but these were few and far between. Add in the colors done by Michele Nucera and you have a pleasing body of work.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension #3 continues to be a riveting extension of last year’s event as it easily ebbs and flows with evident style. Recommended.

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