Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension #2 Review

Is there enough here to conjure up the villain from Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The Being leads his new Keepers on a mission to purify the Earth. Wrongdoers face the wrath of a god living among us, while true believers are rewarded for their faith. However, as the Being’s obsession with power grows, how long will it take before this god looks upon all of humanity with fury?

GFT presents Ascension 2_Preview Page AWhat does a living God look like? Would it attempt to control that thing which makes us human in the first place? I don’t think so and that’s why this creature is no lord, but rather a son trying to outshine his father. And to the creative team’s credit I was instantly drawn in to this universe spanning tale that harms devotion and births fear.

Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha work with script writer Pat Shand, to realize this entry of outright awesomeness. It’s a tale that feels like an epilogue to last year’s universe shaking clash, as The Being and his Keepers make their presence known with results that are uplifting and saddening. We see them carry out cruel judgments without taking into consideration the thing that The Maker seemed to hold above all else: freewill. On surface level we’re given a simple jaunt, but beneath it exists a theological argument with subtext.

The art by Butch Mapa is simple and to the point, but where this illustrator excels in the slower moments that Samira or even a former warrior turned monster come to terms with what this creature is doing. It’s that subtle rendition of emotion that sells this piece, but there were instances where some of the panels came off rushed as an overabundance of negative space took away from key instances. Even so the colors done by 3Martstudio match that level of quality from beginning to end.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension #2 is an engaging comic book that should excite and engage as we continue to trek through what should be described as an Age of Darkness. Recommended.

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