Grimm Fairy Tales #99 Review

Do we need to know what happens in this book? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The truth behind HiboCorp’s plans are revealed! Sela lies at the mercy of the Dark Queen. Robyn, Shang, and Gideon are joined by Red and Agent Ciampo, but can how can they prevent the Age of Darkness from coming when it appears that the Dark Horde had already won?

Grimm Fairy Tales 99_Variant CoverWith all that’s occurred this literal gateway to #100 is here and almost all hope for our primary characters seems gone as the villains might have finally won. All I know is that I’m glued to my seat as this body of text whisks past in a cacophony that perfectly sets up the next wave of GFT. In short: this is quality and it deserves a spot on your pull-list

Ralph Tedesco, and Pat Shand work with Joe Brusha to bring the next leg of this arc to fruition, and after two releases that pushed things forward in big ways it’s time for some minor build-up. From Sela Matthers to the surviving Realm Knights our dynamic cast of characters have entered an age suited for the Dark Queen. There’s plenty to be concerned about, but don’t worry because even as this title gets serious there’s still room for humor along the way.

The renditions handed in by Joel Ojeda compliment the narrative well, as our varied players face the reality of what’s now surrounding them. The key thing here is that the pencil work never hinders the momentum of the story but rather extends the content far enough to please even the most discerning among us. Add in the colors by¬†Stephen Schaffer and Erick Arciniega and I have literally no complaints about the package on display.

Grimm Fairy Tales #99 is the fourth part in Realms Fall, and at this point, I think it’s safe to say that this is one arc that’s going to have a lasting impact. Before we even reach #100 so much has happened and I honestly can’t wait to see what these creative minds have in store. Recommended.

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