Great Pacific #16 Review

The newest advisory of the series has been anything but forgiving and now that his sights are officially on New Texas, what will occur and will New Texas stay alive? 

“BIG GAME HUNTERS,” Part Two Baston has decimated Little Chief’s forces and sent them fleeing into the plastic wastes of the Great Pacific Gyre. But when this big game hunter turns his sights on New Texas next, Chas finds himself with few allies and fewer options.

Okay, so this ereis has been interesting to say the least. The idea of a GreatPacific_16-1new area that is created is fantastic. The way that things have turned out has been awesome but then there is awesome that has been going on with this new arc. Baston is a totally odd person. I mean that he is someone that should have never been trusted. It seems that most people in this comic is learning that rather quickly. Well, in this issue, we have someone like little Chief gets defeated you know its bad news. There are some great moments in this issue and this is where Chas really shines a leader because he is up a creek with no paddle and it does test his abilities.

The writing for this issue is pretty great. It moves rather quickly, which is a complaint of mine but, overall, it is fine. The story has some great characters, some neat reveals, and an explosive ending that is just fantastic and that you will be fully into. It is just great.

The is some great art in this issue that really adds some depth and clarity to the story. It gives a sense who the characters are through visual mediums that are neither too flashy or too explicit, which is a nice touch.

Great Pacific #16 is a great addition to a wonderful story, even though the pacing is a little off.


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