GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #15 Review

The Mechagodzilla onslaught continues! Godzilla was in a bit of a bind last time, so how does he and this issue fare? Plenty of epic action and big things happen!

Here’s the official description from IDW:

MechaGodzilla madness abounds as a new villain makes his plan known! He seeks to raise the strongest of Godzilla’s. But what mystery allies will help him? The answer will shock you!

First off I just want to point out that while it’s always nice to see the little monster logos on the opening page, it’s sometimes a shame since it spoils certain scenes. In this case the final page is literally spoiled because you know which monster is coming. Still, it doesn’t hinder the enjoyment of this fun comic. Last time an army of Mechagodzillas descended upon the big G. While some might find it disappointing that the MechaGs are basically cannon fodder, there’s no denying how cool it is to see Godzilla strategizing how to beat so many opponents.

GODZILLA_ROE_15_cvrChris Mowry nicely establishes the Cryog leader as the dominant threat. It’s also great to have the Battra twins back. They were quite an interesting creation from way back in 2011 (3 years of Godzilla comics!) so I’m eager to see how Mowry will continue to utilize them. The chunk of the issue focuses on Godzilla’s battles against the Mechagodzillas. It definitely does not disappoint, and it’s going to be amazing to see him battle the monster on the last page. The human characters don’t get to do much besides observe, though it is curious about why exactly the “higher ups” wanted Anguirus to be transported to Russia. At first I thought it was a trick by the Cryog, but the latter when seeing Kiryu’s arrival with the spiky monster ordered an attack against them. We shall hopefully learn the reasoning behind this next issue!

Matt Frank’s art is great throughout. Godzilla’s fight with the Mechagodzillas had such fantastic personality. He also draws the cliffhanger monster perfectly. The main cover is drawn by Paul Hanely, and it’s a pretty intriguing piece. It has great detail on Mechagodzilla and the concept portrayed by the cover that he’s a Russian creation is unique. However it’s the RI by Jeff Zornow which stands out the most. It features an intense MechaG war-zone with a beautifully drawn Godzilla and Anguirus. Sadly the latter doesn’t get to team-up with G in the story, so that was disappointing. Still one cannot deny how awesome and ominous the piece is.

Overall, another fun comic. G’s battle against the onslaught of Mechagodzillas was a blast to watch. The Cryog leader is emerging as an engaging antagonist. While the aliens weren’t bad in the first arc, when they were on screen I just wanted to see the next monster scene. Now I actually look forward to reading this guy’s dialogue in-between the grand action. Rulers of Earth continues to be a highlight every month.

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