Ghost #5 Review

Is there enough worth in this outing to justify a purchase? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

When Tommy starts to suspect that Von Ghastly, the eccentric host of a bloodcurdling cable access show, may be up to more than just morbid mischief, Ghost leaps into action . . . but she has an audience of her own! Chris Sebela serves up big screams on the small screen!

* Beginning a new arc!

Ghost 5_Preview PageI imagine there are plenty of comic fanboys and fangirls that are dismissive of this property, for a time I was one of them. Until that glorious day when I finally grabbed a pile of back issues and poured through them. Since then I’ve been simply wowed by the content offered up. And with a rock solid creative team at its back this outing garners attention and earns the right to be on your pull-list.

Chris Sebela handles the script and the author easily crafts a tale that continues the narrative trajectory set forth in this volume’s opening arc. Our heroine is doing what she can to curb the chaos in Chicago, while someone who might be a demon, terrorizes with an audience. Elisa Cameron is then forced to confront something she might not fully understand and that right there is where this particular story gains some legs. And as followers reach the cliffhanger they’re bound to be intrigued with the now set up possibilities.

In my view the illustrations done by Jan Duursema are without a doubt the key ingredient that makes this title a must own. Granted our vigilante doesn’t really carry complicated attire, but the talent that brings her to life has to have enough skill to make her standout. And as we look on at the finished product, with the colors done by Dan Jackson, there’s no doubt that this component certainly is up to the task.

Ghost #5 offers up another solid entry that, in the beginning, felt good but quickly builds in quality as it heads toward an interesting revelation. In other words this is another winner that comes recommended.

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