Ghost #3 Review

Another arc comes to a definite close, but should this franchise keep going? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

While Doctor October sends her demonic enforcers to attack Elisa and her friends, the White City Butcher captures Tommy and Sloane. Ghost will have to choose between uncovering the secrets of her past and protecting everyone’s future! Interdimensional forces turn Chicago into a war zone in the first arc’s clashing conclusion!

Ghost 3_Preview PageThere are certain comics than when I crack them open I can’t help but grin from beginning to end. The reason for that is beyond a solid concept it bares a team that does nothing but dispense quality releases. That’s what this latest issue is and trust me when I say: fans of the property and its titular character are going to be pleased.

The text is an action packed affair that never loses its grip on our primary cast. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Chris Sebela turn in something that’s full of enough twists and turns to keep their audience guessing as all players find themselves caught in the proverbial cross-hairs. It may not be ground breaking , but what they do with Elisa is force her, in a way, to confront while dealing with parts of both her current and past life. Even so some of the resolutions came a bit too quickly but this turned out to be a very good entry in its own right.

Ghost has never looked better, as Geraldo Borges offers a vast display that’s full of detail. There are several stand out moments, chief of which is a street brawl that involves nothing but demons and a few familiar bystanders. With the use of thick and thin lines combined with an inking assist by Andy Owens this is a wonderful body of work. Add in the colors offered up by Dan Jackson and it’s exactly the quality this title deserves.

Ghost #3 concludes the opening arc of its fourth volume in style. It’s not something that’ll change opinions but instead solidifies why it certainly deserves to keep a fanbase. Recommended.

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