Ghost #12 Review

After a loss, is their hope for our vigilante? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Reeling from the loss of a dear friend, Ghost delves further into Chicago’s labyrinthine underworld in a search that leads from back alleys to the corridors of power! She may unearth a conspiracy, but can she find it in herself to bury the past?

Ghost 12_Preview PageFor a volume that’s only twelve issues old that was one helluva an outing. There’s emotional weight within the confines of the text, and because of that fact this quickly becomes a comic that’s bound to turn some heads. The creative team is firing on all cylinders, as they present a pivotal issue that’s bound to have ramifications as this narrative journey evolves.

Chris Sebela pens a script that cuts right to the heart of the superhero dilemma, namely how far do they push their personnel vendetta? How much of whatever amounts for a normal life are they willing to sacrifice? It’s a hard arc to tackle, but somehow the author finds a way to use the death of a close friend to propel Ghost into a new chapter while offering a fitting epilogue for Tommy. Elisa has to face the facts of her existence while tempering rage with the mission that she, and her remaining allies, remain dedicated to. And all that adds up into one interesting release.

When it comes to the visual component, Harvey Tolibao delivers the goods. Each character is rendered in a way that fits within the given landscape while also offering some dynamite poses tailor made for this medium. I have to admit there were a few times where the kinetic energy of the action threatened my attention span when it came to the written word, but come on is that really counter productive? Add in the colors by Dan Jackson and this is is a book that deserves a look.

Ghost #12 is a superb entry, as it maintains the franchise quality and allows room to push the players forward in compelling ways. For that reason this comes highly recommended.

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