Furious #5 Review

After last month can our heroine save the day? Or is she destined to fail those that rely on her? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Furious meets her nemesis—a dangerous and deranged shadow from her past—head on. The life of an innocent hangs in the balance as the two face off, and Furious’s doppelgänger, obsessed with unmasking the celebrity vigilante, fights to expose the truth at any cost! As the media broadcast this public showdown, can Furious overcome her own demons in time to save the day?

Furious 5_Preview PageWhen it comes to the modern comic interpretation of the superhero myth there have been a lot of perspectives on display from various creators and publishers. For me, what this particular team has done has crafted is not something that’s wholly original but they’ve managed to blend just enough familiar details to convey a competent opening arc. And wouldn’t you know it? The latest release is compelling to boot!

After four issues fans can rejoice because series scribe, Bryan J. L. Glass, shines some light on the origins of Furia. Don’t worry the backbone of this feature rests solely on the sequence of events that were initiated during last month’s confrontation, but even so the scribe finds a way to logically inject new players and some mystery into the proceedings. It’s true that there are plenty of answers but I can’t help but close this book and wish there were more. Still the ending for our former star is to the point and speaks to who she is and can yet be.

The visuals handed in by Victor Santos are nothing short of quirky as they maintain a consistent spark that perfectly embodies the final moments of this opening arc. Easily charged lines highlight some disturbing moments, heartfelt sequences and a sordid history that will make even the most discerning fanboy or fangirl take a pause to absorb what they’re seeing on the page. Between the pencils and the colors this comic enjoys a striking package with enough spunk to easily sell the material within its confines.

Furious #5 is not a perfect conclusion, as it stumbles a bit before it crosses its own finish line. Even so it warrants both attention and praise. So by all means grab your sewing kit, make a costume, find a nice quiet corner and enjoy the end of this compelling volume.

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