Furious #2 Review

Does the world need another creator-owned franchise based within this overly familiar genre? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The media can’t get enough of the high-flying supercelebrity known as Furious! But the authorities are convinced she’s a danger and a menace—they’ve had more than enough of the privileged vigilante! Stuck in the crosshairs of her past, Furious must balance her desire for justice with her quest for redemption.

Furious 2_Preview Page 1This is a striking piece of fiction that from the first page to its final panel grabs its audience and doesn’t let go. The creative team really has something here, and that fact becomes apparent as they skillfully jump from personal tragedy to media spotlight back to the current dilemmas at hand without missing a beat. This is truly a comic book that needs a chance and deserves to be on your pull-list.

Bryan J. L. Glass pens his creation in a way that illustrates an intimate knowledge of both her and our own world. The title acts as part social commentary and superhero yarn, as we see the extent people will go to in order to fulfill whatever destiny they think they deserve. An instant hihglight was getting to witness an impervious person deal with a deadly impact and describe the pain that she still felt. It was a moment that was an instant classic. Beyond that I especially enjoyed the build up for the antagonist while Furious faced a pivotal moment in her career.

The art by Victor Santos is something else, as the talent uses minimalist sensibilities to deliver dynamic sequences. Whether dealing with a hostage stand off or the tale of a young star and her nightmare spiral the renditions found are absolutely attention grabbing. Add in the colors and you have the recipe for visuals that may not revolutionize the medium but certainly compliment it in almost every way.

Furious #2 is a hard-hitting entry that crafts something compellingly original. There are some minor hiccups with regards to the pacing but trust me that’s quickly forgotten when we reach the end. Recommended.

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