Flash Gordon #2 Review

Is there enough left in the wake of Kings Watch to sell this spinoff? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Holllllllllllld on tight, cuz JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, Aquaman), EVAN SHANER (Adventures Of Superman) & JORDIE BELLAIRE (Moon Knight) are coming right at you with FLASH GORDON, THE MAN FROM EARTH! As Flash’s heroic reputation grows across the cosmos, his fantastic talents are tested by the Beast Men Of The Outer Lands Of Arboria!

Flash Gordon 2_Variant CoverThere are few things in the world of comics better than an old school franchise rebooted in the right way. And that’s exactly what we have here as the creative team continues to craft modern adventures for an iconic hero that has endured countless iterations since his original inception back in the 1930s. In short: grab a seat, turn down the music and enjoy this rollicking ride.

You could not ask for a better writer on this title, as Jeff Parker from the first page on delivers an action packed adventure that deserves to gain a dedicated following. First and foremost the dialogue works to develop not just the traits of Dale Arden or Flash Gordon but the injustices done by Mongo. That may make this particular release sound rather serious, and it can be, but there’s a spark of hope and plenty of humor to make even the most uncomfortable truths digestible.

Evan Shaner continues his illustrative work and considering the inherent roots of Alex Raymond, he does a wonderful job yielding panels that are deeply cinematic. He captures the right tone when the script calls for him to focus strongly on the reactions of our primary hero, and through them the tale finds its footing. Add in the colors by Jordie Bellaire and this is without a doubt a dynamic package that’s bound to impress even the most discerning eye.

Flash Gordon #2 is a high adventure book that embraces its heritage while forging its own ground. The explanation for the Beast Men in particular was rock solid, as new layers to the evil of Ming the Merciless come into focus. Recommended.

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