East of West #12 Review

Is this still a must own title? Or has it lost its initial spark? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


A last ditch effort is undertaken to avoid a war between the nations by the most unlikely person on the planet. The remains of the Chosen reassemble.

East of West 12_Preview PageWhat I love most about covering this particular comic book franchise for UTF is the fact that every issue proves that right when I feel like I have a grip on where this is going I really I don’t. This is a solid western through and through, but with the combinations of apocalyptic elements, an alternative history for a familiar nation and surefire political intrigue at it back. And in the end we have something that feels unique unto itself and that right there is the reason why any discerning fanboy or fangirl needs to purchase this.

Jonathan Hickman crafts a narrative that form the first page until the final panel ebbs and flows with a dark spirit combined with an innate sense of self. It’s a moody entry that puts the upper echelon of various governments at the head of a discussion which leads to some serious battle lines. It doesn’t take much to get a war brewing, but the author accomplishes the beginnings of a conflict without allowing the perspectives to feel hammy or overstated. In short: this is a script written by a scribe that knows exactly what he wants to accomplish before he’s done.

Second to the written word are the stunning visuals turned in by Nick Dragotta. The talent has a way of crafting a simple vision with just enough detail to sell each discussion point and whether its simple dialogue or something more he understands the nuances of narrative building. Add in the colors by Frank Martin and you have a decidedly compelling set of renditions that deserve not just attention but critical praise.

East of West #12 doesn’t change established lore, but it continues to delve deeper into its mechanics in a way that feels both fresh and relevant. Recommended.

  • + Jonathan Hickman continues to push this narrative forward!
  • + The outstanding visuals done by Nick Dragotta are stunning!
  • + As I closed this book: I'm excited to see what happens next.
  • - Carries some odd moments that slightly hinder the release...

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