Drumhellar #6: Review

If you want a title that reads like Twin Peaks mixed with your standard high school acid trip, then Drumhellar might be exactly what you’re looking for. And issue #6 might be your strongest hit yet.

Here’s the official word from Image:

Tantric werewolf wisdom shows Drum Hellar a way out of his romantic and legal complications: run! And Harold? Let’s just say that when you’re a ghostly pink cat creature, love has its challenges. A simpler life waits for them out west: forests, mountains…and murder!

Okay. Those you who’ve followed this series for awhile have probably developed an especially high tolerance for drumhellar_06wandering plots, beautiful art, and maybe the best damn coloring of any book out there. After all, Drumhellar seems intent on delivering all these things every chance it gets — and using this series’ quixotic protagonist as it’s primary method of execution. Well, even for those of you who are used to this kind of book, issue #6 takes it to a whole new level, but in a quietly brilliant way. With issue #6 Riley Rossmo and Alex Link close out the narrative arc of issue #5. As you might recall, Drum woke up as a werewolf and the only way out is to have him engage in an orgy which dominates a good 80% of this issue. Before you get too excited, take note that the act is MUCH more psychedelic than sexual and Rossmo’s work SOARS in ways we haven’t seen before. Good portions of issue #6 feel more like a series of carefully composed paintings than a wholly coherent comic book, but that’s okay, because, well…it’s beautiful to look at.

For you plot freaks out there, don’t fret. The issue is bookended with one of the most creepy set-ups this title has offered to date — dead kids, doing terrible things. (I’ll say no more).

After five good issues, Drumhellar has delivered a stellar one. This might be the best book of the series so far.

  • + Beautiful Art
  • + CRAZY ASS Story

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