Doc Savage #7 Review

Does the penultimate issue prop up the forthcoming series finale? Or does it undercut its potential? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

When his adventures began in 1933, Doc Savage was aided by five loyal associates. By 2014, his¬†operation is truly global in reach, thanks to a smart phone of Doc’s own design that allows anyone anywhere to ask for help or help others in return, and millions of people take part every day. But when everyone using the device is suddenly and without warning becomes immediately violent and aggressive, Doc might only have himself to blame…

Doc Savage 7_Variant CoverIt can easily be said that this franchise carries its fair share of corn, but come on we’re talking about an iconic individual that thrives with the subtle subtitle: the Man of Bronze. But its through the acceptance of that seemingly hokey level of material that we see a global threat that might just put this centuries-old journey to bed.

Chris Roberson pens the script and once again proves that he was the right man to handle an age of odyssey featuring the one and only Doc Savage. He effortlessly lives within the confines of the narrative while unleashing a larger problem that’s been building up behind the scenes. The entire plot is predictable and carries dialogue that’s certainly hammy, but I can’t help but admit that I enjoyed this ride thanks to the written words of this gifted talent.

The pictures offered up by Bilquis Evely are of another sort altogether. Even though the subject matter calls for outlandish renditions, this illustrator knew exactly how far to push the display without tripping over the material. And during these over the top circumstances the colors by Daniela Miwa cemented the visual look of this particular comic book, as it ebbed and flowed with the personality it absolutely required.

Doc Savage #7 represents an interesting time in our icon’s long lasting life. He’s come face to face with unimaginable threats and terror but as 2014 roars on he’s forced to look on his decisions as his global reach enters almost Orwellian territory. Recommended.

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