Doc Savage #6 Review

Do we really need to have this comic right now? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

As the millennium draws to a close in 2000, Doc Savage’s operation has expanded into a world-wide network of call centers and helpdesks, enabling him to assist more people than ever. But when a terrorist organization hacks into Doc’s servers and cripples the infrastructure with a malicious virus, countless lives are put at risk. And as planes begin to fall from the skies, can even the Man of Bronze save them all?

Doc Savage 6_Variant CoverThis is without a doubt one of the corniest franchises I cover for UTF. Even with that statement many fangirls and fanboys might be inclined to think that I would be dismissive of these continuing adventures featuring an utterly altruistic icon. Somehow I’m not and it’s thanks in large part to a stellar creative team that successfully takes a relic and places him in contemporary times.

Chris Roberson handles the script and hats off to the scribe, because he crafts a narrative that’s zany to the core but frightening enough to fit within modern day concerns. Our over reliance in regard to technology leaves us vulnerable and it’s through that specific lens that this particular piece of fiction comes into play. We find the Man of Bronze  forced to confront his technical shortcomings in the wake of a crippling computer virus and it’s hard to not relate to him then feel for his troubles.

The visual component handed in by Bilquis Evely is just as detailed as it honestly needs to be. Each characters is given a solid rendition that never underwhelms as the talent expands the influence of the text. With the colors done by Daniela Miwa the overall display evolves into something more, almost to the point that the whole affair feels naturally compelling for the pretty pictures alone.

Doc Savage #6 is at times a hammy outing that offers characters and circumstances that can be hard to swallow. Even so through the strength of a competent team it gets enough of a spark to earn a recommendation.

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