Doberman #4 Review

Does this supercop earn a spot on your pull-list? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:


Doberman’s been put on a leash, but now that he’s picked-up the scent, this dog WILL hunt. With a lead on Kane’s drug-running operations, Doberman must send his rookie partner Newton undercover. Inexperienced, incompetent, and incapable of being in the same room as a crustacean, Newton may have mad computer skills—and a fake ear—but will that be enough to bring Kane down?

Doberman 4_Preview PageLet’s be honest here, Doberman is a specific type of title that’s going to attract a certain audience. And if you’re someone who yearns for action, humor and enough buddy antics to fill your desire bin then this one is absolutely for you.

Scott Marder, Rob Rosell and Jack Lambert continue to spin a yarn that’s fun from beginning to end. The odyssey of Frank “Doberman” Doberano highlights the 80s in a way that people who grew up back then are bound to recognize. The plot is simple and to the point, with no discernible narrative depth but it honestly doesn’t need to have any to be fun. This is not a story you pick if you’re looking for deep meaning, it is one you read if you want to laugh a few times while smiling the whole way through.

The visuals by Brandon McKinney perfectly highlight the strengths of this property. From the cast to the backgrounds, there’s a clear sense of purpose behind every single pencil stroke. Sure there were panels where some of the designs felt a bit flat, but when the moment called for it the talent delivered exactly what the written word required. Add in the colors by Zac Atkinson and we’ve got a release with a look all its own that’s bound to please.

Doberman #4 earns the right to be on your pull-list, not just because it’s era fun trapped in a comic bottle but the creative team also gives us beautiful one-liners like, “You can’t restrain justice.” And so the latest entry in Frank‘s war on drugs comes recommended.

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