Doberman #3 Review

Is there any worth in this homage to a somewhat forgotten staple of cinema? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

When uber-villain Jasper Kane throws a charity event for disadvantaged canines, one pretzel-chewing, lady-loving, ass-kicking dog is left off the guest list. But that little “oversight” won’t stop Frank “Doberman” Doberano when there is vengeance to be had… or an open bar.

Doberman 3_Preview PageI have to say three issues in and I’m positively enthused by this wonky genre soaked series and maybe it’s just me, but I hope it’s not. Fans who grew up around movies that glorified the idea of the one-stop super-cop will no doubt find inside jokes and worthwhile anecdotes during the shenanigans of our long haired interpretation of that oh so classic persona. In short: the creative team does what it needs to do in order to offer a good time.

Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and Jack Lambert continue to craft that feels like a genuine recreation by enthusiasts at play. You can tell that these authors know what type of character they’re playing with, as they steadily push Frank along the tricky waters of modern law enforcement. What makes the whole thing work is the fact that we have an antagonist that’s as much out of his era as the Doberman, and it’s through that dynamic that we see a narrative that may lack substance but certainly delivers the laughs.

From a clever, and totally 80s, splash page to a sequence full of deep feeling, there’s no doubt that Brandon McKinney was the perfect choice for this title. He emulates the classic tropes effortlessly while embracing the notion that the pencil strokes should be more than mere exploitation featured in this timely iteration. Add in the colors by Zac Atkinson and the entire comic ebbs and flows with the right amount of life to bring this cop, and his shenanigans, to life.

Doberman #3 is not something that pushes the quality of its already established lore. But it continues to offer hi-jinks and in-jokes that are no doubt worthy of its genre. Recommended.

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