Doberman #2 Review

Does this new monthly title really deserve to gain a dedicated audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Frank Doberman rejoins the police force after years of exile, but instead of being top dog like in the old days, he finds hims himself starting over with a new uniform, new rules and regulations and a new partner.

Doberman 2_Preview PageLet me count the ways that I absolutely dig this new franchise. First Darby Pop Publishing has a comic book that tickles that certain 80s Lethal Weapon style that I’ve fancied since I was a kid. And second it sports an impressive creative team that actually knows how to tell a charged satirical outing. In short: we’ve got another worthwhile property on our hands, so much so that there’s absolutely no legitimate reason for any fanboy or fangirl to avoid it.

Scott Marder, Rob Rosell and Jack Lambert work together to take an aged relic out of his own self-imposed leave of absence. The writers waste no time as they plop him into the chaos that is modern L.A. The times have changed but Frank‘s back and he means business, especially when he sets his sights on a criminal adversary that’s just as over the top as he is. And that right there is the magic of the script as these authors play with genre tropes in a way that’s never serious but instead wants nothing more than to be laugh educing, and for the most part they indeed succeed.

The illustrations handed in by Brandon McKinney match the simplistic tempo of the script by offering a visual cadence that’s straight up and to the point. Each page is detailed enough but it’s the emotions carved into the faces of the individual players that absolutely sell the outlandish circumstances. Add in the colors delivered by Zac Atkinson and there’s no room for doubt in a display that just fits within the confines of its own narrative ends.

Doberman #2 is not the type of release that’s going to have widespread appeal. It’s a yarn that knows it’s audience and if you’re like me in the sense that you love comedy and action antics from the 80s then this is right up your alley. Don’t believe me? Just go to your local shop, spend some extra cash and give this one a try because you’ll have fun with it. Recommended.

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