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DOBERMAN #1 Review

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Is this a worthwhile romp? Or just a waste of your time? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Frank Doberman was the greatest detective of his era with the fastest car, biggest gun, and longest… um… arrest record. But after a drug bust went horribly wrong, Doberman disappeared, seeking solace in Mother Nature. Now lured back to the Force by the promise of vengeance, and an ice-cold six-pack, Doberman has to deal with a new age of computers, regulations, and an uber-villain whom the world seems to believe has changed his ways.

Doberman 1_Variant CoverDo you remember Martin Riggs? If so then you’re going to love this action spoof that’s bound to remind everyone of those glorious 80s action movie days. The creative team over at Darby Pop has decided to bring us a narrative that embraces those zany shenanigans and then turns them on their head with a decidedly interesting time jump. In short: one issue in and I’m already on board.

Scott Marder, Rob Rosell and Jack Lambert combine their talents to give us a script that’s simple and to the point. It embraces our tough guy hero cop while setting the stage for a life changing moment. The overall work is a bit abrupt at certain points, but the tight pacing turns that into an excusable offense especially as the final moments bring in enough narrative meat to earn another look from even the most discerning fanboy or fangirl. In short: embrace that one guy called the Doberman.

The illustrations by Brandon McKinney fit the outlandish plot perfectly. By offering overly muscular cops with bad hairdos, it’s clear that this was the right talent for this particular piece of fiction. And when the action gets going the pencil strokes are uplifted by Zac Atkinson and his wide range of colors. In short: the visuals match the tempo of the written word without missing a beat.

Doberman #1 is a promising start to a new property. It’s a little rough around the edges but I walked away from this one ready for more as it comes recommended.

  • + Brandon McKinney delivers solid visuals.
  • + The Doberman packs an engaging script.
  • + Plenty of fun for 80s action lovers.
  • - Carries some rough transitions...

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